Ukrainian American singer/songwriter, producer, multimedia artist, and retro music enthusiast

Immigrating from Ukraine to the U.S. at a very young age, music and art quickly became the center of Yev’s life as it was the best way he could communicate with others while still learning English. Based in Minneapolis, Yevhen (nicknamed "Yev") is a singer/songwriter, producer, and retro-pop enthusiast. Yev expresses his music through the lens of an immigrant looking in, using his voice to navigate his way through western culture. His latest single, “Plastic Heart,” is an upbeat, tongue-in-cheek commentary on American consumerism.

Yev's music is a personal brand of “retro pop” and “modern nostalgia," a mix of mid 20th century influences from Baroque rock, Jazz, Folk, and American Soul music written for a modern day audience. He explores social issues and introspective themes with upbeat, yet often haunting soundscapes. In response to witnessing the social unrest brought on by the George Floyd murder in 2020, Yev wrote and produced a demo version of a song called "I Can't Breathe."

Yev is committed to building valued friendships with his growing audience and has an active private group of followers called "Team Yev" with whom he socializes via YouTube livestreams, email, and social media. In 2021, Yev collaborated with his followers to create a visually striking music video for a fun, upbeat, song called "Shadow"